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Our mission is to help you get out of pain and maintain your health. We provide high-quality care with a holistic approach. Whether it is with medical interventions, prescription management, or a holistic approach, we can help begin your journey to recovery & health. We promise to take the time to listen to your needs and health concerns. Only then can an appropriate health treatment plan be developed to help promote optimal health and wellbeing.

With 11 years of experience in helping patients, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands here at Revive Health Associates.

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Most Popular Services

Neck & Back Pain

Many people will experience Neck Pain or Back Pain at some point in their lives. Whether it is from an injury or sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, we can help get you out of pain and recover. Both our Medical and Chiropractic services can help today. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Auto Accident Care

Victims of auto accidents may have injuries necessitating care and treatment. Accidents are stressful situations and the initial shock may impair your ability to clearly think. Yet, even if you don’t feel severely injured, a medical evaluation is crucial to assess for injuries and catch health problems before they worsen. We conveniently offer care both in-office and via telehealth services to help quickly get you on the road to recovery.


Did You Know?

In Florida, you MUST be evaluated by a healthcare provider within 14 days of an accident for insurance to cover any PIP benefits.

A telehealth visit done from the comfort of your home within 14 days of an accident can ensure PIP insurance benefits to cover injury treatment!

Telehealth Visits

Telehealth visits offer the ability to visit our health providers from the comfort and safety of your own home. Most treatments and medications can be prescribed through the telehealth visit and conveniently picked up at your local pharmacy.

Services include physical examinations, health screenings and treatment of minor illnesses such as allergies, heartburn, UTI, strep throat, etc.

Prescription Refill

Prescription refills services can conveniently be performed via a quick telehealth consultation through the app that is conveniently downloaded to your smartphone for a telehealth consultation.

Primary Care Services

Living a healthy lifestyle and prevention of disease is one of the utmost principles in our primary care paradigm. We utilize a holistic and integrative approach that incorporates evidence-based medicine, pharmacological interventions, as well as lifestyle modifications to prevent chronic disease and improve overall health and wellbeing.